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Ranson Webster: Collection and Collector

Ranson Webster Porsche Collection
The Big Picture gives you depth and breadth of the builings, and the collection

Reno, Nevada’s Ranson Webster has carefully curated and assembled one of the world’s great Porsche Garajmahals. Other than a few vintage wood-bodied Chevy powered Riva boats, a musclecar or two, some trucks and Porsche TAG powered McLaren F1 cars, no other marques need apply.

Ranson Webster was born in Oregon, USA moving to the San Francisco Bay area as a kid. In his early days as an automotive enthusiast, he did his high performance driving a quarter mile at a time, mostly at the wheel of something powered by an American V-8 engine. In the mid 60s he quit his job working in a warehouse and took a job selling copy machines, he made another career change in 1968 joining Control Data Corporation and moved to Reno, Nevada in 1970; he’d fancied Porsches from afar, but at the time was driving Camaros and Corvettes. He was aboard a Corvette when he went to visit a friend who had a Porsche 930, and was offered a drive. The epiphany was strong and instantaneous; he was hooked, and it wasn’t long before his friend convinced him to purchase his “’77 Turbo at a price he could afford.”

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