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Ian Fraser-Jones at speed in his Porsche Spyder. He was competing in the Sports Car category during the running of the South African Grand Prix on the east coast circuit at East London (January 1, 1960).

For some, motor racing is an inevitability. It is a passion that they are born with and it is just a matter of time before they slip behind the wheel of a racing car. For these chosen few, this inborn factor elevates them to a level above the rest of the pack and from an early age, it’s a case of, “all roads lead to …­.. the racetrack.”

Born in Johannesburg in 1923, Ian Fraser-Jones had just such a passion for motor racing from an early age, and as a schoolboy in England in the 1930s, Ian recalls being inspired by the likes of Parnell, Howe, Cobb, Dixon and others at Brooklands, which only served to heighten his already-fervent interest in the sport.

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