For show 914 /6 2.0 Manual 4752902981

Porsche 914 /6 2.0, 1974 - Primary exterior photo
Exterior color
Interior color
43,441 km
81 kW
First registration
Model year
Drive layout
Rear wheel drive
Right hand drive
Accident history
Technical problem
Full service history
Number of owners
3 owners
Wheel size
Regular seats (Leatherette)
Targa roof
Sports exhaust
Entry & Drive
Seat memory
Air suspension
Leather dashboard
Front seat heating
Parking heater
Rear seat heating
Trailer hitch
Heated steering wheel
Cabriolet hardtop
Since 2018
Additional information

Since my ownership,we have refitted the centre cabin cross member,all the seat carriers and rakes,changed out the 930 turbo seats for THE original seats,replaced the firewall with a new/old original firewall,welded in a chassis rear reinforcing stiffening kit,removed the oil cooler and oil lines,fitted a fluted front floor pan with new Oil Cooler and handmade cover which will help vent heat out and under the car.

Most of the aluminium window trim has been powder coated Black.

A WEVO side shift kit is now fitted to the 915 g/box and a set of Patrick M/Sports heat exchanger /headers.

Missing original seat belts have been sourced as well as 80% of the missing interior trim & parts,and the exterior original mirrors.The original engine cover is now all mesh to allow for heat dissipation,with soft oil lines to be run from the new 916 oil tank,to the front oil cooler.

R Spec tyres have been purchased.

The car is now with Andy at FABCOAT the painters and hopefully the 3.6 will be in and the car running by ??. The last job will be fitting new carpets to the interior,as well as an old style,but modern car radio.

MASSIVE THANKS to Max Hayes at Vintique Moto for his unbelievable metal fabrication and involvement.,as well as Andy at Fabcoat for his exceptional paint job and real passion.

I have a folder with every receipt for all work done and parts purchased,so far.

20/04/2020 and we're waiting for the blue sky to arrive so that the car can be moved to the mechanic's for the engine fitting.

Turns out that the 964 pulley on the crankshaft is too wide for the engine tin,so a single pulley made strictly for this purpose was purchased from Patrick Motorsports.

Car location
Option codes

The car was being prepared as a race car,but the project was abandoned,with a lot of the original interior and exterior parts removed.

It then sat in a shed,covered up for 12 years until the owner decided he needed to clear out a few cars and I purchased it.

At the time,the car had 914/6 GT flares fitted,930 Turbo brakes,930 Turbo Wheels,strengthened rear trailing arms ,930 Turbo seats and a Momo steering wheel.A 935 Oil Tank was fitted as well as a large front oil cooler.

A f/glass 916 Body Kit was also fitted. Andy at Fabcoat has carried out fairly extensive repairs to some cracks and damage.

The engine is a 1990,964 3.6 engine,mated to a 915 gearbox.


Ken Ellaway
86A Tramway Parade, Beaumaris, Victoria, 3193, Australia

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Porsche Club Victoria, Australia #693
Porsche Club Victoria, Australia #693

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