For sale 911 G-model 2.7 Coupé 110kW-version Automatic

Porsche 911 G-model 2.7 Coupé 110kW-version, 1977 - Primary exterior photo
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Pasadena, California USA
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This unique ‘Outlaw EV’ Porsche 911 S Coupe, by ev9eleven, has covered less than 500 miles since the conversion to 'electric' with Tesla power!

Tesla Motor | 495 hp | 370 kW @ 1,050A | 0-60 in 2.8 seconds

ev9Eleven, the ultimate outlaw driving machine.

It has just been fully restored and converted to electric power by ev9eleven and the work included a complete restoration with numerous parts having been fitted throughout.

The drivetrain was removed and replaced with a maintenance free, liquid cooled Tesla motor from 057 Technologies. The motor produces 864 lb-ft of torque from zero mph, with up to 495 HP (370kW). We utilized the existing drivetrain mounts, to maintain the integrity of the existing frame. If one so chooses, they can easily convert back to a petroleum mobile within a few days! The five speed stick shift was replaced with a PowerKey Pro 2400. The 2400 is an easy to use, eight button controller, that allows you to manage park-reverse-neutral-drive-creep-cruise control.

The batteries are from a Chevy Bolt battery packs that consists 96 of these 3 kwh batteries (60 kwh's in total). Spatially split over both front and rear of the car - approximately 48/52 for optimal weight distribution. A recent study found that the Bolt batteries will last to over 300,000 miles and the Tesla electric motor also has a similar lifespan.

The Braking system has also been upgraded with a push button electric emergency brake, which allowed us to eliminate the original 911 hand brake that was located in the middle of the floor.

The ev9eleven electric vehicle conversion includes:

Tesla motor
057 Technology Drive unit controller
Orion battery management system
Chevy Volt DC/DC converter
Chevy Bolt battery pack
PowerKey Pro 2400
Regenerative Braking

This stunning Bride of Frankenstein also includes:

911 C4 bumper and rims for 993 look
early 1970’s 911 ducktail
Classic low back bucket seats with headrests
Complete interior carpet trim set w/ seat delete
New paint inside and out
New rubber seals and gaskets all around
lightweight ducktail engine deck lid
New rear European tail lights and side markers
New headliner.

The 0-60 mph in approximately 2.8 seconds, and it feels significantly quicker due to the max torque effect of the electric motor from stand still and the range with this set up is 200+ miles on a single charge, although this is dependent upon driving style.
To maintain the classic look and feel we chose to omit a large screen, in the center dash, although we have the capability to do so. If the buyer would like this option, we will add it on for an additional cost.

Our primary goal is to integrate the nostalgia of the early model Porsche 911 with today's eco-friendly technological advances.

While we appreciate automobile museums, we believe that the ev9eleven was built to be driven.

ev9Eleven, the ultimate outlaw driving machine.

This is a very unique car which is just the start of the 'electric revolution' for Classic Cars!

Our Partners:

057 Technology
Thunderstruck EV
Autobahn Parts
Streetfighters LA
Sierra Madre Collection
Stealth EV
Ewert Energy Systems
Evolve Electric

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Pasadena, California, 91101, United States

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Porsche 911 Classic Club France #SGVR

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