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Porsche 911 1.gen. 2.0 Coupé, 1969 - Primary exterior photo
Exterior color
Porsche 911 1.gen. 2.0 Coupé, 1969 - Primary interior photo
Interior color
Not specified
225 kW
First registration
Not specified
Model year
Drive layout
Rear wheel drive
Left hand drive
Accident history
Repaired by Porsche Service
Technical problem
Full service history
Number of owners
Not known
Wheel size
Regular seats (Leather)
Sports exhaust
Entry & Drive
Seat memory
Air suspension
Leather dashboard
Front seat heating
Parking heater
Rear seat heating
Trailer hitch
Heated steering wheel
Cabriolet hardtop
Additional information

Porsche 911 Electric Banana

Race prepped and ready to drive
3.2 liter twin-plug engine rebuilt and tuned
301hp at 6700 rpm
250 ft/lbs at 6000 rpm
Gearbox freshened and gears shortened for road course use
Complete nut and bolt restoration in 2007
930 brakes
PMO carburetors
Coil-over suspension
Minilite wheels with Avon tires

With a 37+ year racing history, this 911 was originally a very early (1965-1968) short wheelbase car. In the early 70’s the wheelbase was lengthened to 1969 long wheelbase factory specs while being converted to a race car. Painted bright yellow, this historic Porsche was known early on in Southern California as the Electric Banana, which was painted in blue lettering on the back panel. In the early to mid 70’s the car was raced in SCCA and other regional California Sports Car Club events, mostly at Riverside International Raceway, Willow Springs & Sears Point. Log books (as issued by the California Sports Car Club) go back to 1976 and remain with the car today.

It was originally modified to SCCA C Production racing specs. It continued to be raced in SCCA C Production and B Sedan with an upgraded engine and brakes. During that time period, it was more extensively modified closer to 911ST style and Group 3 & 4 FIA GT specs with slightly wider fenders to accommodate wider 7”& 8” wheels.

In order to compete in SCCA B Production, IMSA GT & Trans-Am races, modifications again took place in the mid to late 70’s. Brakes and suspension components were upgraded to GCR’s in effect at the time. Engine size was increased to 2.7L, along with wider RSR style 8” front & 10” rear fender flares and an RS & RSR style rear wing. During that time, the #31 Porsche continued to be campaigned as the Electric Banana” in Southern California at Riverside, Laguna Seca, Willow Springs & Sears Point with various local drivers.

In July 1979, the Electric Banana #31 was last raced by its owners (International Racing Services of California) at Riverside. It was then sold to its new owner in August of 1979. At that time, it was in SCCA B Production, IMSA GTU/O and Trans-Am Category 1 configuration with a 2.9L engine and 8” & 10” Centerline wheels. That period picture (taken in 1975) remains in the original log book today. During the 1979 season, the car was entered in numerous regional and national SCCA & IMSA races competing mostly at Seattle International Raceway, Portland International Raceway and Sears Point. During the 1980 season (prior to further modifications) a B Improved Production track record was set at PIR under the sanctioning of CSCC.

The car was again modified in 1980 to SCCA Super Production, Trans-Am & IMSA GTO specs with a 3.2L engine. It was entered in SCCA, Trans-Am & IMSA races by several drivers from the West Coast, generally qualifying & finishing in the top 15. As with most racecars, modifications & improvements continued to new SCCA, Trans-Am & IMSA general competition rules at the time. The car’s improvements received its technical inspection from both SCCA Pro Racing, IMSA & regional stewards. In 1980 the roll cage was “drilled & stamped” by SCCA Pro Racing in order to compete in the 1980 PIR SCCA CRC Chemicals Trans-Am race. A 10 minute 16mm film featuring this car (with in car, trackside & Aerial cameras) was made during this race. From 1980 until 1983 the car was entered in numerous regional and national SCCA, Trans-Am & IMSA races on the West Coast.

It was continually modified according to the ever changing racing specs of the time. During that time, it was painted yellow with red & black accents. Records show it was entered as a Porsche 911, a 911RSR & 911SC and a Carrera. Prior to being sold again, it was entered at SIR in the 1983 Trans-Am race where it finished 7th overall.

The car was sold to its fourth owners and raced in both regional and national SCCA Regional, Trans-Am & IMSA by several other drivers until 1986 when it went into storage. In 1989 the car was sold again, restored (and repainted white with blue & green strips) to its 1970’s period 911RSR or ST configuration and raced in selected vintage races in Oregon, Washington & California until around 1994. It was then restored to earlier 911 SCCA B Sedan & C Production configurations. It was minimally raced between 1994 & 1998. It was then sold to its sixth owner who entered the car in several local vintage races until 2007.

In 2007 a documented full “nut & bolt” professional restoration took place, taking the car back to its SCCA B Production, B Sedan & early Trans-Am style configuration as it was raced in the day. The craftsmanship and attention to detail is truly spectacular. The was entered and accepted for the 2009 Monterey Historic Automobile races.

While under the care of Canepa Design the Electric Banana underwent a complete race prep and engine rebuild. The twin-plug power plant was torn down and rebuilt as a 3.2 liter, 10.5:1 compression race engine. This potent motor was dynoed at 301hp and 250 ft/lbs of torque. While the motor was out the transmission’s gears were shortened to better suit the car’s power on road courses such as Laguna Seca.

The Electric Banana’s suspension currently features period correct coil-over suspension, 930 brakes, and 8” Minilites on the front and 9” Minilites on the rear shod with Avon racing tires. An extra set of wheels comes with the car.

Inside you will find a pair of Sparco Evo race seats, Schroth Profi Style Cam-Lock Harnesses, an auxiliary fire extinguisher, and SFI roll cage padding.

The Electric Banana is ready for the next owner to fire up its willing engine and add to its long, colorful racing history.

Car location
4900 Scotts Valley Drive, Scotts Valley, California, 95066, United States
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