Porsche Formula E 2019

In 2017 Porsche started to prepare for the Formula E 2019/2020 racing season.

2018 Spark Formula E
Formula E car for the 2018/2019 season developed by Spark Racing Technology

Formula E is the world’s first purely electric racing series and was launched on the 2014/15 season. The FIA, which is also responsible for Formula 1, has organised the series to make a statement in favour of electromobility and to get more young people excited about motorsport. Unlike most other series, the season begins in the autumn and ends in summer. The race venues are specially designed street courses in the heart of major cities, meaning the sport comes to the spectators – and not the other way around. Electromobility is playing an important role in the mobility of tomorrow, especially in urban environments.

Season 1 2014/15: For the first season all teams used the Spark-Renault SRT_01E car designed as collaboration between Spark Racing Technology, McLaren Electronic Systems, Williams Advanced Engineering, Dallara and Renault. Although every race lasted for less than an hour, the batteries could not last that much in full racing mode, so the drivers had to come to the pits to change their cars (every driver had 2 cars). The car change was very cool to watch.
Season 2 2015/16: Audi joined through ABT team, others manufacturers are Renault, Citroen, Mahindra, NextEV (Nio).
Season 3 2016/17: Jaguar joined
Season 4 2017/18: no changes
Season 5 2018/19: Gen2 Formula E cars with double the energy and range made the car change obsolete. BMW joined as a factory team.
Season 6 2019/20: Porsche and Mercedes will join

All teams have the same cars and batteries, but drivetrains are created by the teams.

To generally learn about the Formula E series, here's the link to James Herne's article: jamesherne.com/formula-e

Mar, 05 – 16th birthday of the Carrera GT (2003)
Mar, 06 – 7th birthday of the Boxster 981 (2012)
Mar, 12 – 50th birthday of the 917 (1969)
Mar, 13 – 58th birthday of Ferdinand Oliver Porsche (1961)
Mar, 16 – 42nd birthday of the 928 (1977)