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Porsche 917 K-71

Premiere: April 17, 1971 Le Mans test day

Le Mans winner 1971

Chassis 917-053 © Porsche

In 1971, 917 head engineer Piëch becomes technical general manager at Porsche. The race department relocates from Stuttgart to Weissach. Three new 917 chassis with magnesium tube frames are created, numbered 051, 052 and 053. Magnesium is considerably lighter than aluminium. Interestingly chassis numbers between 917-045 and 917-050 were not used. The magnesium tube frame is stiffer than the aluminium one, but burns in the case of fire. The main visual difference between the 1970 917 K and the 1971 917 K is the rear end with fins that the factory team cars received. Chassis 051 is only used for internal testing and is later scrapped. Chassis 052 is publically seen once at Le Mans tests in April 1971. The 1971 bodywork with rear fins was not only reserved for the "real" 1971 cars, the magnsium framed cars, but some older aluminium-framed cars were also equipped with the newer aerodynamics.

1971 April 17-18, Le Mans test, 1969 917-016 aluminium chassis with air scoops and K-71 rear end© unknown (please inform us if you know)

A week after the Le Mans tests, a 917 K-71 is driven to Monza 1000 km victory by Pedro Rodriguez/Jackie Oliver.

1971 April 25, Monza 1000 km winner 917 K-71 #2 Pedro Rodriguez/Jackie Oliver© unknown (please inform us if you know)

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