You might first want to read the story of the 1989-1994 911 964

Porsche 911 993 (1993-1998)

Premiere: IAA Frankfurt Motor Show 1993 September 9

The 993 is definetely the 911 with the best design ©
Street cars MY1994/R MY1995/S MY1996/T MY1997/V MY1998/W
Carrera Coupé 3.6 200 kW Carrera Coupé 3.6 210 kW
Carrera Coupé 3.8 X51 210 kW Carrera Coupé X51 3.8 221 kW
Carrera Cabriolet 3.6 200 kW Carrera Cabriolet 3.6 210 kW
Carrera Cabriolet X51 3.8 210 kW Carrera Cabriolet X51 3.8 221 kW
Speedster (F.A.Porsche)
Carrera S Coupé 3.6 210 kW
Carrera S Coupé X51 3.8 221 kW
Carrera 4 Coupé 3.6 200 kW Carrera 4 Coupé 3.6 210 kW
Carrera 4 Coupé X51 3.8 210 kW Carrera 4 Coupé X51 3.8 221 kW
Carrera 4 Cabriolet 3.6 200 kW Carrera 4 Cabriolet 3.6 210 kW
Carrera 4 Cabriolet X51 3.8 210 kW Carrera 4 Cabriolet X51 3.8 221 kW
Carrera 4S Coupé 3.6 210 kW
Carrera 4S Coupé X51 3.8 221 kW
Targa 3.6 210 kW
Targa X51 3.8 221 kW
Carrera RS 3.8 221 kW
Carrera RS ClubSport 3.8 221 kW
Turbo Cabriolet 3.6 265 kW
Turbo Coupé 3.6 300 kW
Turbo Coupé X50 WLS1 3.6 316 kW Turbo Coupé X50 WLS2 3.6 331 kW
Turbo S Coupé 3.6 331 kW-version
Turbo S Coupé 3.6 316 kW-version USA
GT2 Street 3.6 316 kW-version GT2 Street 3.6 331 kW-version
GT2 ClubSport 3.6 316 kW
GT1 Street 3.2 441 kW
Racing cars MY1994/R MY1995/S MY1996/T MY1997/V MY1998/W
Cup 3.8 228 kW
Cup RSR 3.8 257 kW
GT2 Racing '95 3.6 331 kW GT2 Racing Evo '96 3.6 441 kW GT2 Racing Evo '97 3.6 441 kW GT2 Racing Evo '98 3.6 441 kW
GT1 Racing 3.2 441 kW

One of the prototypes. Note the 964 wheels. © Porsche
The rear lamp design that was first created for the 989 4-door Porsche, is here seen on the 993 concept, but finds its way to production on the 996 in 1997 © Porsche

The 993-generation of the 911 was introduced at the press and trade day of the 1993 IAA Frankfurt Motor Show on September 9, almost exacly at the 30th birthday of the 901/911 (September 12, 1963 IAA Frankfurt). On the display were a silver Carrera coupé and a yellow/black Cup car for the 1994 Porsche Supercup series.

Working under Porsche's head designer Harm Lagaay, designer Anthony Hatter is mostly credited for the flowing lines of the 993. It is amazing that with the 964's doors, front hood and roof unchanged, the car can look so different from its predecessor. Technically the car was also enchanced: it got wider track and an aluminium multi-link rear suspension. The type M64 964 3.6-litre engine was modified to give 200 kW (+16 kW over the regular 964). While 964 had mechanical valve tappets that required maintenance, the 993 got hydraulic ones. The gearbox in the 911 finally got its 6th speed for 993 (959 already in 1987 and 968 in 1991). Like with the 964, the Tiptronic automatic transmission was available for RWD cars. The gearchange buttons on the steering wheel were optional. While equipped with them, the gearbox was called Tiptronic S instead of just Tiptronic. As the Tiptronic was carried over from the 964, this louzy box still had only 4-speeds and made the car considerably less agile and slower than the one with the 6-speed manual. But it helped to take over customers from Mercedes - if that can be considered as a goal. Interestingly, the base price of the new 993 was 7% less than that of the outgoing 964.

911 993 Carrera ©
M033 Lowered suspension (lowered from EU/ROW standard height), M398 17" Cup 2 wheels ©
M498 Without Carrera-script on the rear lid, M602 Third braking light ©
M139 Seat heating, left ©
M454 Cruise control, M573 Air conditioning, M659 Board computer, M686 CD-radio Porsche/Becker CDR-21 ©
M340 Seat heating, right ©
Option M615 Dock for the Nokia phone ©
Carrera 2 with Porsche-cloth seats © Porsche
Exhaust test © Porsche
Getting ready for the 1994 Supercup series... © Porsche
© Porsche
1994 Porsche Cars North America film with Danny Sullivan, Hurley Haywood
The standard 16" wheels that were hardly anybody's choice and are quite rare because of that. The photo shows a US-model with black bumperettes. © Porsche

In March 1994, the 993 Cabriolet was presented at the Salon international de l'automobile Geneva Motor Show.

© Porsche
Ten years old soft top design didn't do justice to the 993's excellent design© Porsche
This photo shows well the differently positioned side mirrors © Porsche
© Margus Holland /

993 Carrera 4 Coupé and Cabriolet were unveiled in October 1994 at the Mondial de l'automobile Paris Motor Show as 1995 models. In MY1995 a 3.8-litre engine was also available under option X51. It had 10 kW more compared to the 200 kW 3.6-litre unit. The 210 KW 3.8-litre engine was produced only shortly, for the last model year of non-Varioram engines.

European and American versions had different color turn signal lenses. In Europe rear-wheel-drive cars could be told by orange turn signal lenses, while the 4WD models (Carrera 4 and Turbo) had white lenses at the front and red ones at the back. For USA all versions (RWD and 4WD) had orange lenses at front (like RWD cars in Europe) and red lenses at the back (like 4WD cars in Europe).


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