You might first want to read the story of the non-Turbo 908/03

Porsche 908/03 Turbo

Premiere: March 23, 1975 Mugello 1000 km

Interserie winner 1975

The turbocharged 908 was not a factory built car. The private teams had ran their 3-litre 8-cylinder 908/03's successfully up until 1974 and for 1975 season the 2.1-litre 6-cylinder turbocharged engines were available from Porsche. Porsche had built the 2.1-litre engine for the 1974 911 Carrera RSR Turbo racing car and started selling the engines after the 1974 season. As the 908 Turbo wasn't a Porsche factory product, there is no official name for it. For the first race, the Mugello 1000 km on March 23, 1975, some teams signed the cars up as 908/6 Turbo using Porsche's naming system where "/4", "/6" and "/8" was used to show the number of cylinders. For this very reason Porsche had named its cars 908/02 and 908/03 and not 908/2 nor 908/3. So, calling the car as 908/6 Turbo is at least correct, while some teams called their cars as 908/3 Turbos, losing the "important" zero. Considering the said, it is most correct to call this car as 908/03 Turbo or 908/03 Spyder Turbo or 908/03 Turbo Spyder. Four cars in total were converted to Turbos - chassis 006, 008, 011 and 013. As the cars were built by the teams, they all looked different in details and the same car could be fitted with different bodywork for every season or even race.


Chassis born as 1970 908/03, but not used in any race. For 1975 season sold to Dr. H. Dannesberger racing team together with the 2.1 turbo engine. At the debut race - Mugello 1000 km - on March 23, Herbert Müller/Gijs van Lennep scored 3rd. Dannesberger team ran the car successfully throughout the 1975 season: 7 podiums incl. 2 victories. In most cases the podium places were delivered by Herbert Müller, but also Jürgen Neuhaus and Leo Kinnunen. Müller won the 1975 Interserie championship.

1975 March 23 Mugello 1000 km 3rd position 908/03 Turbo (chassis 006) #6 Herbert Müller/Gijs van Lennep (Dr. H. Dannesberger/Martini-Racing-Team)© Wolfgang Thierack

The car disappeared from international racing scene for 1976-1977. It found new owner and Porsche Kremer Racing team entered it again for 1978 season. Bob Wollek drove it to a victory in one race and finished second twice. Later in the history the car was restored to 1971 specification, although it never competed in this trim.


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