Porsche 597 (1955-1958)

Porsche 597 Jagdwagen
© Porsche

After Porsche decided to participate in a state tender for a light military vehicle, a complete car was engineered and built in small series, but the tender was not won by Porsche. The Porsche type 597 off-roader had a rear-mounted 356 engine, 4-wheel-drive and a special transmission with low gear. The car is able to climb steep grades up to 33 degrees. The type 597 was designed to be amphibious, that is the reason for its high barriers for entering the car.

When the German Army tender was lost to DKW, Porsche decided to market the product for civilian use, supposedly for hunting. This provided the 597 with a nickname "Jagdwagen". In addition to the military prototypes around 50 Jagdwagens were produced, but there was no need for such a product in large numbers and the project was terminated.

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