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A Crest for Porsches: The History of the Crest

Porsche’s mark of quality and the saga behind its evolution

Max Hoffman in the USA

When Prof. Ferdinand Porsche and Albert Prinzing met Max Hoffman at the Paris Salon in October of 1950, they knew that a powerful new personality was entering their world. Memorably saying “I was not 100 percent for Porsches. I was 1,000 percent for Porsches!” Hoffman was ready, willing and able to commit his considerable resources to the new sports car’s success in America.

Hoffman’s involvement came at a price, however. He was a never-ending source of comments, criticisms, suggestions and recommendations to the Porsche folks in Zuffenhausen. Max’s deep enthusiasm for and knowledge of the car business meant his ideas were often useful. No entrepreneur involved in car importation had better taste than Hoffman. While Porsche could not immediately meet all his requests—he was keen to have a 2.0-liter engine developing 80 horsepower—it would accept and exploit many of them to mutual advantage.

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