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Porsche at Le Mans Part I: 1951 to 1963

The name Porsche is synonymous with the world’s toughest endurance race, the 24-Hours of Le Mans, boasting an unbroken run of 65 years. During this time, they have amassed 18 victories. This is Part I of their story…

The Veuillet/Mouche 356 SL proved reliable on its Le Mans debut in 1951, finishing 20th overall and first in the highly competitive 1100cc class (Porsche-Werkfoto)

Le Mans – 1951 to 1963

Whether the year 1948 was a year of particular significance in terms of French vintage wines, thereby inspiring automotive designers is uncertain, but several iconic motor cars can trace their origins back to this year. Some examples include for instance, the Morris Minor, Citroen 2CV, Land Rover, Jaguar XK120, and of course the Porsche 356.

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