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Stunning Porsche 935 Tribute Liveries

Feast Your Eyes on These Porsche 935 Tribute Colors

The modern 935 Clubsport from Porsche is a car that’s simply to die for. It’s drop-dead gorgeous and features a 700 hp and a body reminiscent of the legendary Porsche 935/78. Now the modern car will really look the part thanks to some new images of the vehicle in retro-inspired liveries. Porsche recently released images of the new 935 in seven different liveries. Each and every single one of them is absolutely breathtaking and makes the most of the car’s sleek exterior. However, the mint green one shown above is our favorite. It makes the most of the car’s body.

There are several others. There’s the Gulf livery, which is blue and orange. There’s a Sachs theme, featuring a white and blue livery. The John Player Special is a black and gold livery. Interscope a black and orange theme. The Momo Racing livery uses a red and yellow racing theme. The final one is the Salzburg theme, which is red and white.

As we said above each one does a wonderful job of showing off the car’s sleek curves. The mint green is the one that stands out the most, though. It’s just not a color you see very often. The Porsche 935 Clubsport is based on the 911 GT2 RS. The company unveiled it to rabid fanfare at the Rennsport Reunion last year. Porsche will build only 77 of the cars. Customer deliveries are expected next month.