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Porsche 935: The Best Of The Best

A look at iconic Porsche 935 chassis 930 890 0012

They say that the cream always rises to the top, an expression used to illustrate that if something is really great, then by virtue of its superior qualities, it will rise to a level above its contemporaries. This then surely describes what a superb example of the iconic Porsche 935 model chassis 930 890 0012 is. Delivered early in 1978, this car has never been crashed and is still running its original engine, making this 935 one of the finest examples of its kind anywhere, and a true time capsule of the model.

Porsche 935/78
Our feature car, Porsche 935/78 chassis 0012, at the 2023 Porsche Rennsport Reunion, WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca. Vincent Kolb

Originally planned for introduction in 1975, Porsche put the development of its Group 5 racer on hold for the ’75 season due to dilly-dallying by the FIA over the rules for this new class. But when it burst onto the motor racing scene back in 1976, the domination of the Porsche 935 as a race model was impressive, even overwhelming, depending on which garage you occupied in the paddock. 

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