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Porsche 911 Flat-Six Boxer Engine

If your favourite sports car comes from the Porsche stable, then you will want to know about this product – the Porsche 911 flat-six boxer engine scale model by Franzis. This quarter scale, working model is just the thing to bring your Porsche passion into your home, office or den. The model kit is well-manufactured and would make an ideal addition to your Porsche model and book collection.

Developed by Franzis, the German educational toy manufacturer and distributed by CBL Distribution Limited in the UK, the model is manufactured with the cooperation of Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG. The full price of the kit is £149.99 (Suggested Retail Price), but CBL Distribution is offering the kit for £129.99 with free UK delivery, and they will honour this price throughout December 2017. You may feel that this is a pricey model, but read on!
I grew up in an era when engines were mostly messy, oily and needed constant tinkering with. At university, you would invariably find a ½ inch open/box spanner and a flat-ended screwdriver stuffed in with my study books, because the carburettor on my car always needed adjustment or something else needed tightening – or so I thought. But that wasn’t a bad thing because it taught me a whole lot about how engines worked, and what the different parts did, and where to find them on different cars. Today it is a whole different ball-game, as opening the bonnet of a current day car, you are faced with a large plastic cover over just about everything, and the ability to learn about engines has been seriously diminished.

That’s why this scale model engine is such a good buy, because it shows the next generation what is actually under the bonnet. Being an educational toy, means that it is ideal for Dad to get involved with the building process too, and it will provide several hours of fun and learning along the way. Learning how an engine works is always intriguing, and what better way to show the next generation just how it all fits together. The Porsche flat-six engine, and the road and race cars it has powered over the decades, are legendary. The 2-litre flat-six boxer engine was fitted to the first 911s, and this kit is modelled on the 1966 engine.
Over the years, the 2-litre air-cooled engine would eventually grow to 2.2, 2.4, 2.7, 3.0, 3.2, 3.6 and 3.8-litre (almost double the original engine’s size), and these power plants would go on to win many legendary endurance races for Porsche. But it all started with the humble 2-litre engine, and this scale model offers an ideal way for the whole family to discover the fascinating world of automotive engineering.

The well-illustrated assembly manual was created by the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart, and the comprehensive guide provides a wealth of detailed information on, and fascinating facts with archive photographs about Porsche and the 911. The development of the iconic engine design and corresponding technical concepts are clearly explained in the manual, with relevant photographs along the way.

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