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Porsche 9083 in the paddock ahead of the race
Le Mans 24 Hours, 14-15 June 1975: Porsche 9083 in the paddock ahead of the race (copyright Yves Ronga)

When I’m not helping to sell the occasional old race car, or visiting old race car meetings, I’ve usually got my head down, researching various projects for clients, usually to do with Porsches, although Lola T70s and such like often pass my way too.

Probably the most interesting project that I’ve had in a long while recently came my way. It concerns a Porsche Carrera RSR, known as the “Ratt,” as it was built up by world renowned Porsche restorer, race mechanic, crew chief et al, Kevin Jeannette of Gunnar Racing, here in Florida.

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