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Dr. Wolfgang Porsche reflects on 75 years of Porsche

Tradition and innovation highlighted

Dr. Wolfang Porsche, 2023, Porsche AG

9:11 Podcast

In the current episode of the 9:11 Porsche Podcast, Dr. Wolfgang Porsche talks about the company’s history, the current anniversary year, and his 80th birthday.

Dr. Wolfgang Porsche embodies ‘75 years of Porsche sports cars in a very special way. He has witnessed the entire history of the company up close since childhood. And he still plays a role in shaping the company’s successful development today – as Chairman of the Supervisory Board, as an adviser, and as someone who exemplifies the brand for employees and fans.

Dr. Porsche is particularly proud of the special anniversary being celebrated this year: “I will, of course, try to attend the most important events personally,” he says on the podcast (the recording is available in German only). “I’m very much looking forward to the numerous Porsche sports cars that represent our 75-year history and, most of all to the many fans who will celebrate the occasion with us.”

Sebastian Rudolph, Vice President Communications, Sustainability and Politics, Dr. Wolfang Porsche, 2023, Porsche AG

Dr. Wolfgang Porsche prepares to turn 80

Dr. Porsche has two special reasons to celebrate in 2023: on 10 May, he will be 80 years old. “The Volkswagen Annual General Assembly, which I will take part in as a member of the Supervisory Board, will be held in Berlin on my birthday. Privately, I will celebrate my personal milestone with close family and friends.”

Even in his youth, Dr. Porsche was a sports car enthusiast and enjoyed spending time at the race track. He has been a member of the Porsche Supervisory Board since 1978 and has experienced many highs and a few lows during that time: “In the late 1980s, dark clouds were looming over Zuffenhausen. Our company was deep in the red; it was a very difficult time. But then the Wendelin Wiedeking-era began. I brought him in at the time,” he recalls in the podcast. “With radical measures, including in our production processes, we managed to right the ship. That experience shows that success is something that you have to earn time and again. That drive is a characteristic of mine, just as it was for my father, Ferry Porsche, in his day.”

Sebastian Rudolph, Vice President Communications, Sustainability and Politics, 2023, Porsche AG

Tradition and values

The union of tradition and innovation has defined the sports car manufacturer since the very beginning. Dr. Porsche addresses this in the podcast: “Keeping tradition alive is absolutely essential for Porsche. But we can’t get stuck in history. Porsche must always continue to develop and indeed change.” The foundation of a strong company is also formed by the values that it conveys.

Dr. Porsche is clear on which values are paramount in his mind: “Practice self-discipline, take responsibility, keep your feet on the ground, and stick together, especially in times of trouble,” he says in the podcast. “Go your own way, pursuing your convictions and dreams. Passionately strive to reach ambitious goals. And shape the future so that the next generation can live a contented life as well.”

The Porsche Experience Center in Atlanta continues to grow with a new second track coming in the following months. © 2023 Porsche North America

Dreams come true

Even after 75 years, the Porsche success story is in full swing – indeed, more successfully than ever. For Dr. Porsche, that represents the fulfillment of one of his biggest dreams: “The Porsche legend lives and is stronger than ever before. That was beyond anyone’s wildest imagination 75 years ago.”

Celebrating 75 years