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Carrera 924–A Flawed Excellence

We have partnered with Sports Car Digest to bring amazing Porsche content from the SCD archives to Stuttcars. This piece was originally published on February 2, 2015 and is here for Stuttcars members to enjoy!

The first efforts with the 924 rally car involved a non-turbo version, the Monte Carlo Rally 924, of JŸürgen Barth and Roland Kussmaul in 1979.
The stillborn 924 turbocharged record car that never turned a wheel in anger.

A water-cooled engine? And it’s at the front? And it’s a Porsche?! The motoring press in the late ’70s couldn’t believe it. Then, at the annual Porsche Cup presentation ceremony in Germany during the closing days of 1979, Porsche race manager of the time Manfred Jantke made an official announcement: “Porsche will be on the start line at the 1980 Le Mans 24 Hours, not to challenge for overall victory but to run three cars as part of a development program for the future production of a car we will officially call the 924 Carrera GT; 400 will be made for homologation purposes. It is planned as a technical experiment with a view to the future sporting regulations to be brought in, in 1982, in order to be able to offer customers a competitive vehicle.”

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