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Behra’s Hybrid—1959 Behra-Porsche F2

For the burgeoning Formula Two category for 1½-liter cars, French star driver Jean Behra based a new racing car of his own on Porsche components. In 1959, it showed its class by beating the factory Porsches in the year’s biggest F2 race.

Built in Modena, Italy, in 1959, for French racing champion Jean Behra, the Behra-Porsche was a handsomer and, in its time, more successful car than Porsche’s own first open-wheeled effort. “I like Porsches very much, above all because I had such great successes with them last year,” said Behra, explaining why Ferrari’s number one team driver would take the trouble to build his own car. “I’d like to try out a few things I’ve thought up on the basis of my racing experience in recent years. This project with the Formula Two car is tremendous fun for me!”

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