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2023 SoCal Porsche Week

Would a blizzard stop the show?

Southern California's "Outlaw" Porsche movement continues to flourish, with this wide-body 911 being just one of many examples seen. Is that a real 1972 oil flap? © 2023 Rex McAfee.

The classic Porsche “Faithful” did not waiver

Not since 1989 did Los Angeles have an official “Blizzard Warning” issued by National Weather Service. With forecasts of 5 inches of rain, low elevation snow, and 75 mph wind gusts, one had to wonder, would anybody show up for the Porsche Week?  Rest assured, the classic Porsche community has survived decades of change and challenges, so for many, it was “business as usual,” only a bit slower and wetter.

The Sierra Madre Collection classic Porsche parts business had grown its open house into a very popular stop along the “Porsche trail.” Even though rain and hail fell from the skies, nothing could stop these Porsche enthusiasts from their annual gathering. © 2023 Rex McAfee.
Beverly Hills Auto Club was founded by Alex Manos on the premise of finding neglected cars that need a new home. Years later, the business attracts everything from derelicts to clean drivers. © 2023 Rex McAfee.
For decades, the annual “Porsche Week” has been anchored by the “LA Lit & Toy Show” event, which is always held at the LAX Hilton hotel. © 2023 Rex McAfee.

7 Days of “Porsche Life”

To be accurate, SoCal Porsche Week starts on Monday with pre-arranged shop visits by those looking for something in particular. For example, I just learned of a $50K deal on 4-Cam parts that occurred days before the first open house. So while the schedule posted at LA Lit and Toy Show starts on Thursday, you can bet the “pros” are making their rounds earlier in the week. Likewise, some shops are just not big enough to host large groups, so it’s better to schedule an appointment. Bob Kann of GT Werk is a perfect example.

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