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#92, Porsche 911 RSR, Porsche Motorsport, drivers: Makowiecki, Bamber, Bergmeister, at Le Mans 24H, 2016
The #92 Porsche 911 RSR of Makowiecki/Bamber/Bergmeister negotiates the Ford Chicane during the 2016 Le Mans 24H

From the very start, the vehicle was designed to be suitable for long-distance racing. A new body structure with a longer wheelbase and new intake air ducting provides a solid platform for the efficient delivery of power. The powerplant is a 4-litre version of Porsche’s water-cooled, horizontally opposed six-cylinder boxer engine. Output is transferred to the rear axle by means of a new six-speed sequential Porsche GT racing gearbox, while paddles deliver faster, more comfortable gearshifts. The axle geometry further optimises aerodynamics for even greater efficiency. Less drag coupled with increased downforce reduces the tendency to understeer and allows higher speeds when cornering.

Technical description

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