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With a limited production of just 500 units worldwide, the 2018 Porsche 911 Turbo S Exclusive Series lives up to its new moniker. With an MSRP of $257,500 USD, an ‘entry-level’ Exclusive Series doesn’t cost much more than a fully-loaded Turbo S. However, if Economics 101 has taught me anything, it is that its scarcity alone will mean that this car will fetch well above that price, particularly in the indirect sales market.

The Exclusive Series is quite a bit more than just a fancy aero kit (a very fancy one at that), trim-specific wheels and Exclusive badging strewn about on a Turbo S. In fact, the car has received noteworthy upgrades in every area that a quintessential Turbo S owner would care about – including a power boost.

The Exclusive Series employs the same 3.8L twin-turbocharged flat-six as the Turbo S, but with the addition of a power kit, which increases peak horsepower from 580 to 607. With peak torque remaining the same at 553 lb-ft, the Exclusive Series rockets out the blocks, clocking 0-60 mph in about 2.8 seconds; not any faster than the Turbo S.

Photo Source: Collecting Cars