Terms of Service for Web banner advertising on Stuttcars.com

  • The contents of the web banners and the target links must be Porsche related. Relevance will be determined on a case-by-case basis by Stuttcars.com staff while the banner is waiting for approval.
  • All bannes will be approved by the Stuttcars.com team within a reasonable time frame. If the banner does not comply with compliance rules, it will not be published. You will be notified about the verdict by email and also on Stuttcars.com website.
  • Banner campaign start date, end date, location on page and targeted countries cannot be changed after the campaign has been approved.
  • The banner image and the target link can be modified during the schedule any number of times, but each time it will be re-sent for approval.
  • All web banner advertising campaigns are non-refundable.
  • A banner can be deleted at any time. This will also remove all data about visits and clicks to that specific banner.
  • If the banner target URL is redirected to a target not in compliance with our policy during the campaign and after it has been approved by the Stuttcars.com team, the banner will be deleted without further notice.
  • Stuttcars does not guarantee any number of clicks or impressions on any banners. We use all the technological means at our disposal to show the web banners to our visitors.
  • One web banner space can be allocated by multiple advertisers. The banners will be shown randomly without any weights to one specific vendor.

Banner compliance rules

  • Porsche related.
  • No nudity or adult content.
  • All the copyrights of the materials used for the banner must be owned by the advertiser or used with permission by the copyright holder.
  • All banners must be static PNG or JPG images, i.e. no animation is allowed.

Target URL compliance rules

  • Porsche related.
  • No nudity or adult content.
Oct, 29 – 80th birthday of Hans-Peter Porsche (1940)
Nov, 15 – 45th birthday of the 924 (1975)
Nov, 19 – 12th birthday of the Boxster 987.2 (2008)
Nov, 19 – 12th birthday of the Cayman 987.2 (2008)
Nov, 26 – 57th birthday of the 904 (1963)