Frequently asked questions

What is is a global register for Porsches where every current and previous owner or reseller can list their Porsches for sale or just for display. For a detailed description, please visit our about page.

How much does it cost?

Registering for an account on is free of charge. As is of course browsing of all the public listings.

Why should I list my Porsche on

A Porsche is usually a thing to be proud of and listing your cars can be viewed as a “portfolio” of Porsches owned. In addition, if you wish to sell your car at some point in life, you can turn the listing in to a sales advert just by naming a price and changing the listing type to “for sale”.

Listing your Porsche on is simple. Register for a free account and add as many Porsches you want. Model, generation and modification selections are already predefined just as Porsche intended them and the system helps you by pre-filling the most common options for your car modification. You can of course tweak them as you like later.

If I list my car, do I have to add a location of the car?

Adding a location of the car is by no means required, but if you’re selling your car, you should definitely add one, so people can find Porsches closest to them. If you’re an Official Porsche dealer, it’s a good thing to specify a location, so buyers can come and see the car in person.

For private owners stating an exact location of the car could be a potential theft risk, so you can always just limit the location to country or city.

Should I add photos to a listing and if so, what are the requirements/best policies?

Yes, definitely. Photos tell half the story and are essential to having a good listing. offers you the ability upload up to 80 photos per listing and you can reorder them after uploading. Also, one key aspect is to mark two main shots of you car – one for the exterior and one for the interior. These two will be shown in all the search results and also as larger thumbnails on the listing page.

When it comes to photos, it’s usually best to upload larger photos, as downscaling them will not lose any quality, but upscaling does. Minimum resolution for a landscape photo should be 900x600 pixels.

As all the photos will be shown in landscape, to show as much of your car as possible, you should upload landscape photos. Best results are achieved with pictures that have a 3:2 ratio.

We only support JPEG files, which is by far the best option for photo sharing. It’s supported by most digital cameras and has good quality with a relatively small size.

Best photos are taken in good natural daylight against a solid background. Please avoid all kinds of digital photo manipulation as it will give a wrong impression about your car.

Can I add videos to the listings?

Uploading videos to is not possible, but we do support embedding up to 3 videos from either Youtube or Vimeo. Just copy/paste the URL of the video into the designated fields on the listing page and you’re all set.

How do I get in touch with the sellers/listers?

If the lister has posted contact phones and website info, that’s one way. In addition, if you have registered for an account, you can send an e-mail via to the lister.

I just sold my car, should I delete it from

No, please don't. We kindly ask you to keep all your cars in if possible. You can always change the listing to a “display only” and add a note about it being sold in the description.

Feature X or Y is not working, what should I do?

In most cases, we probably already know that something is not quite as intended, but if you find something that troubles you, please do let us know about it and we’ll do our best to fix it as soon as possible. Simplest contact is to send an email to

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Oct, 11 – 33rd birthday of the 2708 (1987)
Oct, 29 – 80th birthday of Hans-Peter Porsche (1940)
Nov, 15 – 45th birthday of the 924 (1975)
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